At pluswhat, we help organisations like yours achieve what it is you want to do.

What We Do At pluswhat

We ask what value you want to add.
We then help make it happen.

Chief of Staff as a Service

We work with you to identify what it is you need to add to your value; the how, why, where, when. We then help make it happen, with you. This can involve…


Making sense of the environment you operate in, and ensuring that you have a clear, crisp theory of change for the value that you’re bringing the world.

Organisation & Systems Design

Making sure your people, process, and technology systems are aligned to achieve your goals, and managing that process.

Launching Products & Services

Identifying and capitalising on opportunities to create offerings to the market based on your unique capabilities. Bringing them to market, and building your teams’ capabilities to do so.

Digital Tools

We also build technological products to serve the needs we identify across companies, helping people do what they want to do best. We specifically leverage our skills in engineering, analytics, and design to build and ship tools to the market.

Who we are

At pluswhat, we are a diverse team of individuals wanting to maximise organisations’ stakeholder value.

We can do this because our team’s expertise ranges from tech, to law, to communications, to development. We also have a global network of others like us as partners. We complement one another to develop a solution specific to your needs and wants.

And we have.

We have done everything from developing communications strategies, to conducting workshops for stakeholders, to designing and staffing entire departments. Be it strategic or your bottom-line, in Singapore, Surabaya, or Shanghai, we want to be there with you.

We are pluswhat.

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Maybe you’re facing a messy complex challenge or you want to scale your social impact.

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