Chief of Staff as a Service

We support companies in achieving their goals in complex and ambiguous contexts.

Complicated Problems

Technically difficult problems, for which you can hire experts to solve.

For example, building a ML model to predict the probability of customers defaulting on their microloans

Complex Problems

Problems that involve multiple unknowns and interrelated factors, for which companies hire generalists like chiefs of staff or teams of consultants.

For example, building a ML team that delivers business impact with the sustainable level of investment

pluswhat provides sachet, affordable versions of a chief of staff team, problem-solving generalists (with deep specialisms) to:

  • Diagnose & design impactful interventions – policies, processes, systems
  • Build capabilities of your existing teams for diagnosis & execution of non-technical solutions
  • Support for scoping & onboarding of contractors, consultants, and/or new hires

Unlocking new opportunities within executive education

New Product Strategy Workshop
LKY School of Public Policy

New ways of working [coming soon]

culture change
global consumer goods company

updating performance management [coming soon]

new performance management and talent development processes
b2b Fintech startup

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