Future of Careers

How different would careers be in 2035?

So many of our clients and partners are grappling with the complexity of ensuring they have the best talent possible: figuring out what the next in-demand skill set is going to be, when schools aren’t even teaching it yet; grappling with vastly different expectations of what gives job satisfaction; intense competition from seemingly every other organisation in the world for a tiny pool of talent.

And that’s just the issues of today.

They’re also thinking about what problems they might need to solve next year, and next decade – through all these conversations, we were inspired to take this on. What could the future of careers be? What will be the clear and pressing issues for organisations that are not even blips on our radar now? And what lessons can we learn from these possible futures, that don’t require us to take a decade to act on?

We’ve synthesised – from all the conversations, interviews, and research we’ve done – 14 driving forces that we think will be particularly transformative of the future; they’re already beginning to shape our presents. We’ve also imagined what the world might look like, and the key issues that leaders would need to solve.

We hope that these provocations help with all the questions that you’re trying to answer. Better yet, tell us if they raise only more questions –  we’d love to hear your thoughts and responses to what we’ve pulled together here; we want to keep refining and pushing this resource for other leaders such as yourself.


What if you couldn’t pay people enough to want to work in your industry? Your organisation? Your function?

People are increasingly diversifying their income sources

Is a full-time job necessary? What if workforces are comprised entirely of revolving part-time freelancers?

Death of the global city?

More and more megacities have been appearing in the global South, and the continued dominance of a select few cities is questionable

People want to switch their jobs, not their companies

Are organisations forcing their top-performers out by not supporting internal mobility?

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