future of careers: DRIVING FORCE

More people expect their jobs to be aligned with their interests 

More and more people need their jobs to be aligned with their own interests and values. It isn’t about drawing a line between work and life anymore. Fewer and fewer people are willing to do a job “just for the money.”

And if they have to… employers can tell from their performance, and how quickly they leave.  


of employees said that their sense of purpose is defined by their work¹

but only


of frontline managers & employees agree their work is aligned with their values & interests¹


of employers believe a lack of passion for the work is a reason for underperformance²

What if you couldn’t pay people enough to want to work in your industry? Your organisation ? Your function?

What if most of your staff are disengaged and their managers have no idea how to inspire or motivate them?

Are you ready for roles that are not functionally aligned?

Is your organisation helping or hindering your employees’ sense of purpose?

What if no one believes that your company stands for something?

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